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Les Lankhorst: Press & Reviews

"Les Lankhorst is one of the four singers in the production, which first hit the stage last fall on the East Coast. After taking the past several months off from the production, the group began performing the Sinatra
"It's just such a pleasure to do this," Lankhorst said. "It's something I've been doing for quite a while on my own. His is the greatest music in the world and it's nice when the audience is so receptive to it."
He first learned of the production on-line while he was performing on a cruise ship.
He said Sinatra fans will definitely get a litany of his best works during the show. Unlike many tributes to Sinatra, all the performances will be live.
"They get what they come for, which is lots of Sinatra music," Lankhorst said. "We've got our own live three-piece combo that's incredibly hot. They supply the energy and we continue on its path."
With performers dressed in Sinatra's dinner-jacket-style, it's easy to get brought back into simpler times.
"The music lends itself to that," Lankhorst said. "Music can be such a nice memory stimulator."
Gi Smith - The Zanesville Times (Jan 27, 2004)

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