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Les Lankhorst: Guestbook for Les

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Landon V

August 9, 2007

Hey awesome cd with the symphony...I've got to get my hands on a couple copies of that!! I thought your show was the best one the salina symphony ever experienced, and I can't wait for this alumni benefit at K-state!!! Talk to you soon!


July 23, 2007

Cool site! Sorry, I never actually visited it before now. I know, "whatever". You really sound great, Les. I'm trying to find a way to send Bill that "And So It Goes" recording of yours. He's a huge Billy Joel fan! You really need to add "When October Goes" on here though. I'm just sayin....

Anneva Anderson

June 22, 2007

Always enjoy hearing you. Don't usually comment though. Hope to hear you again soon. Saw Alex in "Anything Goes" this week.

Bill Horton

May 7, 2007

We really enjoyed your show at the Steifel Theater here in Salina on 5/6/07


May 7, 2007

Hey Buddy GREAT SHOW yesterday!!!! You were AWESOME as always!!!!! Your LesFanatics really enjoyed it. Your #1 Fan Staci

Adam Bonilla

May 2, 2007

Hello Les,

I saw your performance last night on Salina Access-July 06 Performance. I really enjoyed it! I especially enjoyed watching you and Alex sing. That must be pretty special. I also thought your song dedication to your mother was very special. Wish you continued success! Carry On! Adam Bonilla Salina, KS.


April 25, 2007

You look so snazzy in the Carribbean sun! Keep up the good work! Later !
-A Train


April 25, 2007

Bro - that video "when October goes" is perfection!! I was thrilled to see that I could send it to people - and of course - I did. Really enjoyed it Les. You just get better and better :) Love you lots, Carola


April 23, 2007

Great show on the Legend on April 19th. Thanks for coming on board on short notice!


April 3, 2007

Hey Les, GREAT show this morning. You were GREAT as Always!!!! Looking forward to May 6th. Your #1 FAn, Staci


March 29, 2007

Hi Less,

I saw you at Las Brisas Resort in Acapulco and your performance was amazing, as well as the time we spent with you, Joe, Mei and the Brisas team.

I hope to see you soon in another show!


Han Lankhorst

March 26, 2007

Les, I really like "How Deep is the Ocean" on your MySpace. Consider doing it next May 6th. Have a geat show tonight under the Acapulco nights sky. I'm sure the crowd will love it. Dad


March 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Les from us all here in England. Glad you are spending it in style! Have a wonderful time.

Bill & Jean Harkess

February 19, 2007

We saw you in Prescott on the 17th
and loved the Sinatra songs. You have a great voice and wish you a great a 07.

Nancy and Jim

February 15, 2007

Loved seeing you in Mesa yesterday afternoon. Like the Sinatra songs and you do them so well, but would have liked to hear you sing some of the Lombardo tunes too. The band needed a good singer.

Shelbi Lankhorst

January 27, 2007

ahh! i need those pictures from the dragon!! omg. where are they. lol
love you

Bobby Mayo Jr.

January 16, 2007

Hi Les;
Thanks for the Great video.
Keep cookin....BABY


January 12, 2007

Bro- you were hot New Year's Eve at the Country Club! We were both so thrilled to be able to be there - first time I've danced w/my hubby in years. Thanks for the opportunity :) We hope you'll come to town when Marcus is here - maybe you can stir up a show out here. We have community theatre and country club here too lol :) Love you lots Bro!
Love, Carola

Jimmy Thornhill

January 10, 2007

Great site. I hope to see you again soon. The show was terrific and I'm sorry that you had to make me go. Also sorry this is so late. Let me know when you are doing another show in Salina. I won't miss it again.

Cindy Layton

January 9, 2007

I heard you were doing Sinatra and would love to see you. Are you going to be in Chicago?

Dean Kranzler

January 6, 2007

I'm looking forward to working with you again for the spring Symphony concert.
Happy New Year! I hope all is well with you. Keep in touch. Percussively, Dean


December 31, 2006

Hey Les, Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your concert tonight, EVEN though you didn't sing two of my favorite songs( Crazy Little Thing Called Love,and Bring Him Home). HA HA!! Also really like your Christmas CD. Staci


December 25, 2006

I think it's so narley that you have a web page. If you cant tell i love coming to your guestbook and filling it up with family love. Especially since it's Christmas!!



December 20, 2006

i can not wait for you to come home! i miss you soo much. it is weird for you to be gone for so long once you've already been here for a year. Well i'm at school in keyboarding class. i wish you were here,we have a sensation's concert today for the school. Jordan gets out of school early so he is coming to it. "brotherly love" lol. Well maybe we will have another one when your here because I really want to to see us. I think we're pretty good=D. We are all just messing around on the computer because we get out of school today for the holiday and its the end of the semester. Well I hope your having a GREAT time in Detroit and I saw that pic of me and Jordan on your pictures. I love that picture! Well have a safe trip home. Are you driving or flying?

Love you.

Kenny Schmidt

December 18, 2006

I was SO surprised to find that you were singing - as a career. WOW - YOUR'RE GREAT!! Who would have thought that a kid from Salina Kansas, who was in Drama at South High would do so well. I'm going to have to buy the CD now so I can hear the rest.

Andorra Shek

November 28, 2006

That's it.. I'm in.. I'm in the fan club.

you favorite neice(only...but we wont mention that)

October 24, 2006

i feel special. you know, being on your pictures more than once! oh yess..
see now i am famous.(something that daisy would say)

Shelbi Lankhorst

October 11, 2006

ahhh! here i am again. spying on you. lol jk. well i looked you up on myspace and BAM!...everywhere. you are officaially famous. lol, hmm?.? well i miss you so much, it is super weird without you here. and i hope you are having fun!


Julia Pearson

October 6, 2006

Awesome Les!
"Congratulations" looking & sounding Great!
Enjoy the rest of the Run!

Jerry Shoate

September 26, 2006

I attended your September 23, 2006 matinee Show for my birthday. I must say it was a treat and I enjoyed it very much. Keep up the good work.



September 22, 2006

Hey Bro! Hope you're having fun in Motown with the rest of "The Pack". I sure hope Angelina and I can make it up to see you this Fall at the Gem. Call me from a Lion's game if you get a chance to see them. ~Alex

John Fuller

September 11, 2006


Great to see you at the K-State Game. Looks like your having lots of fun! Give me a shout sometime!


September 10, 2006

I'm your not-so-secret admirer. So there.

your secret admirer

September 4, 2006

i lOVE YOU!!


August 30, 2006

Hi. I just wanted to sign your guestbook. :)

Nan Boyne

August 24, 2006

I just saw you last night in Raleigh, NC, & bought your CD's. What a talent! Please come back to Raleigh and grace us with your presence again.

Gavin Hope

August 20, 2006

Congrats on all your success, Les! Great web site!

Shelbi Lankhorst

August 7, 2006

Hi. personally. you know what i think.
I think you deserve more comments. it maybe because...yes, i happen to be your neice. but you are my uncle...and i say MORE COMMENTS!! you rock

Staci Timm

July 8, 2006

Hi Les, Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your concert last night(July 7th)at the Stiefel Theatre in Salina. Hope to see you again sometime. Also I enjoy listening to your CDS( I have themboth in my car & I listen to them ALL THE TIME!!! I also to watch your DVD.

Carola & Michael

July 6, 2006

Hi Les! All we can say is BREAK A LEG!! You are going to knock them dead. Sure wish we could be there to see it. All our love to you Les!


June 26, 2006

Les, It's fun to read a letter from Martin Snijtsheuvel. You know he was Carola's first boyfriens when they were tots,way back in Denver

Staci Timm

June 11, 2006

Les, I really enjoyed hearing you at The Smoky Hill River Festival,on Friday, June 9th,2006. Looking forward to seeing you again in July.

Martin Snytsheuvel

June 6, 2006

So absolutely true. Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. My daughter NS performs here on stage such as the Station Casinos and she loves it. Shes only 12 but can sing and dance. When is your next show and where?


May 30, 2006

Bro - thanks to you and Dad for encouraging me to come to Salina for your show, Mother's day and mom & dad's 46th. Now that I've come and gone, I can't imagine having missed that weekend. Your show was amazing - you really nailed it! And, so great to hear and see you and Alex perform together. Almost brought a tear to my eye :) Sure wish we could both come back for your Stiefle show. It would be a great anniversary present to us to be there. I know it will be another SOLD OUT performance. I love you lots bro.

John and Madgae Saville

May 26, 2006

Les--Your show was superb! We are thrilled to hear you're doing an encore and are hoping to bring friends. Keep it coming. We feel so fortunate to have you here in Salina and at Trinity UMC.

Krista Eyler

May 21, 2006

Hi Les! Stasha gave me your CD and we listened to it all the way through as we pincurled before "Patsy." What a gift you have. Thanks so much for sharing it! Take care and good luck.

Joe Davis

May 20, 2006

Your performance here in Salina was wonderful. Thanks for a great evening. If you come back we will be there to hear you again. If I'd had my eyes shut and didn't know better I would have sworn it was Frank Sinatra singing.


May 17, 2006

Hey Les,
What an outstanding performance at SCT last weekend...especially the part where I let you sing a song with me! Everyone seemed to like that the best! Ha! I'm proud of you Bro!

Adam Bonilla

May 15, 2006


I saw your recent performance in Jesus Christ Superstar. It was awesome! My daughter was very thrilled to meet you. I unfortuantly missed your performance a few days ago at SCT. My parents attended and purchased your DVD. They said it was a wonderful performance. I did get an opportunity of seeing the DVD. All I can say is "outstanding!" I heard that you performed in the King and I. That must have been a fantastic role. Well,I want to wish you continued success and happiness. Peace, Adam.


May 7, 2006

Good luck with your show Les. Hope all goes brilliantly, From us all here.

Scott Seyfert

April 21, 2006

Great website, Les!

Good luck on your Salina shows in May! I am sure that you will be able to add your hometown to your list of sold out performances!

Take care,


Jeff Wilson

December 12, 2005

You old stud muffin you! How exciting to hear about all that you are doing. Let me know if you can come to KC anytime. Call me, and when do I get those hearing aids?

John and Yoka Snytsheuvel

December 9, 2005

Hi Les,

We're old friends of your parents, it's sure fun to see you're enjoying the 'old music' and are now performing in Vegas, we wish we were still there so we could see your performance, good luck to you!

Greetings-- Yoka Snytsheuvel

shelbi lankhorst

December 5, 2005

Hey Uncle les,
I'm just at school right now showing every1 your site!yeah they think its awesome..haha!yeah I love the new site pic.(on the right)yeah im in art and i thought while my trashcan was drying (im painting a tashcan)i would come on your site and send you somthing!well cant wait to see you..when r u coming home again? well, I LOVE YOU!
Shelbi Lankhorst

joy lindsley fredericks

November 25, 2005

Hi Leslie
My parents just sent me your article from the Salina Journal. Congratulations!

Danielle Dyer

November 21, 2005

Hey Les, good to see your doing well. I hope one day to catch another one of your shows! Had my first trip to Vegas last weekend. What a blast! Maybe next time I will catch you performing in the MGM. Take care of yourself and say hi to Markus (if he remembers). Danielle

Tod Myers

November 19, 2005

Hey Les,
When I saw the newspaper, I told my wife, "I used to party w/ that guy!" I read the story... fascinating. I dig Sinatra as well and there's nothing cooler than Sinatra and the Pack at the Sands. Won't be able to make to Vegas, but will look for the PBS special. You should consider bringing your show to the Steifel.

Good luck,
Tod Myers

Jody Munson

November 18, 2005

Man, I wish we could be in Vegas to see you. You sound great. Good Luck-Jody

kelly king

November 18, 2005

les this is great! I'm glad I got to see it through Marcus' website. You look and sound great! Hope all is well. See ya soon.

Shelbi Lankhorst

November 17, 2005

Hey Uncle Les,
Love the Site it's very origonal and i love the pics can't wait for you to come back home next month if you dont get a full time job or something you know?
I love you and I'm very proud that your my uncle!
~LYL Shelbi

deb herron

November 16, 2005

I absolutly love the site and I absolutly adore you. I
am so proud of you and your accomplishments. Hope all continues to go well with you!

Eric Hanson

November 13, 2005

Alex sent me your link to your site. Please let me know when you are in NYC or LA and we can meet up for a drink. ALso like to see fellow Salinans' doing well.

Garrett Ward

November 7, 2005


I love it. Let;s get together when you are in New York. Take care

Joan and Beccy

November 3, 2005

The website is great! love the picture...oh wait, I took that...compliments to the photographer!!!


November 3, 2005

Hey Les! The site looks GREAT! I'll keep coming back to keep tabs on you!! Take care of you and yours!!


November 2, 2005

Hmmmmm... Les is More!... I wonder where that phrase came from? Great site bro in law! Look forward to seeing you in Vegas!


November 2, 2005

Well, well, well, superstar! the site looks great....i like the style of it.....who's is it!!! oh right, its yours...sorry! hope all is well, hope to see you soon! take care, and things are going well here!!!


November 2, 2005

As always, a STELLAR JOB. We'll miss Vegas this time, but maybe next...


November 2, 2005

Awesome - creative - interesting . . . Just what I always expect from you, bro! Can't wait till you're here in Vegas - count on us and many of our friends to come see you.
Love you lots!


November 2, 2005


Artistically done as always :) The site looks great. Best of luck w/ the Rat Pack!


November 1, 2005

Hey baby,
Your site looks great!!! I can't believe I'm going to miss you in vegas.......any way, you look great and sound great!!

Miss ya!


November 1, 2005

Very nice...who did your website? I promise to buy your cd soon. I'm looking forward to listening. Wish I was going to be in Vegas this month. E-mail me.


November 1, 2005

looks awesome man, u're gonna have to show me how to do this - not that I have anything to put in a website! :)
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